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Pool Opening & Closing Services in The Jersey Shore

In-Ground Pool Opening

Y.E.S. Contractors provides In-Ground pool Openings in Brick & nearby.

Y.E.S. Contractors provides worry-free pool openings & closings for both above and in-ground pools!

Contacting Y.E.S. Contractors for your pool opening is the best way to assure that your summer starts off on the right foot. Our experienced team of trained professionals will make sure that your pool is in perfect working order, testing all your pool equipment at the opening and making any necessary recommendations.

At Y.E.S. Contractors we're sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for!

In-Ground Vs. Above-Ground Pool Openings by Y.E.S. Contractors in The Jersey Shore

At your In-Ground Pool opening, our techs will:

  • Remove the winter cover and return all anchors to the down position.
  • Rinse Cover off and leave to the side to dry.
  • Reattach the Filter System and secure all connections (if disassembled).
  • Remove winter plugs.
  • Re-Install return eyeballs and equipment plugs.
  • Set valves to the proper opening position.
  • Startup and test pool equipment and circulation system.
  • Re-Install Ladders and Hand Rails.
  • Put skimmer and pump baskets back into place.
  • Apply Opening chemicals to the pool.
  • Fold Winter Cover and store it in the desired location.

At your Above-Ground Pool opening, our techs will:

  • Remove winter cover, rinse, fold, and store in the desired location.
  • Re-Install the pump, filter, chlorinator (if applicable), salt system (if applicable), and hoses.
  • Remove winter plugs.
  • Set all valves, including multiport, to the proper opening position.
  • Startup the system and check for leaks.
  • Apply opening chemicals to the pool.

One-Time Cleaning is not included but is available for purchase. Filter Cleanings and sand changes are available for an additional charge. Contact Y.E.S. Contractors for a free estimate and to learn more!

Trusted Pool Closing by Y.E.S. Contractors in Wall Township, Brick, Point Pleasant Beach

Having your pool professionally closed is not only convenient, but it can save you from costly repairs the following year. At your pool closing, all of our techs perform a quick inspection of your pool to make sure there are no immediate repairs needed and make recommendations for what may need to be repaired in the Spring. Also, having the team at Y.E.S. Contractors close your pool helps prevent any new damage from occurring over the winter. At Y.E.S. Contractors we believe the way you close your pool is the way you open it! By properly maintaining your pool all season and closing the pool with Y.E.S. Contractors you can be assured that your pool will make it through the winter safely, preventing costly spring repairs that will delay and shorten your swimming season.

Above-Ground Pool Closing

Y.E.S. Contractors provides expert Above-Ground pool closings in The Jersey Shore.

In-Ground Vs. Above-Ground Pool Closings by Y.E.S. Contractors

At your In-Ground Pool Closing, our techs will:

  • Blow out plumbing lines
  • Install winter plugs
  • Remove equipment plugs
  • Clean or backwash filter media
  • Remove ladder and handrails
  • Add closing shock and algaecide to the pool
  • Install winter cover

At your Above-Ground Pool Closing, our techs will:

  • Blow out plumbing lines
  • Install winter plugs
  • Clean/backwash filter media
  • Add Closing Shock and algaecide
  • Install winter cover

*If you are losing any water due to a leak in your liner or pool shell, it is imperative you repair it before closing the pool. Water pressure and weight help to keep pool walls from collapsing. Contact Y.E.S. Contractors to learn more!

At Y.E.S. Contractors, we handle more than just pool openings and closings. We also handle liner repairs and replacements for every size and shape of an above-ground or in-ground pool. Our expert installers will make sure the job is done right the first time and provide you with a great liner that will last. No matter the pool, no matter the problem, Y.E.S. Contractors is here to help!

*$99 fee for above-ground pool installation estimates.

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