To Pool Or Not To Pool...

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Pools make amazing memories. They provide endless hours of swimming fun for the whole family while making the perfect backdrop for your next summer barbecue! But did you know pools are incredibly beneficial for your health too? 
Swimming is great exercise! Water provides resistance and the weightlessness of swimming ensures there is no added stress on your joints. If you’re sick of pounding the pavement or spending hours of your life in a B.O.-induced haze at the gym, adding a swimming pool to your property might just be the best thing for you. Allowing your body the ability to bathe in the sun while drifting weightless in the water provides both body and mind the opportunity to seep into deep relaxation; an almost meditative state which can decrease stress levels tremendously. 

In addition to positive health benefits, adding a swimming pool to your backyard has the potential to increase your home’s overall value. A well-planned pool installation can transform your backyard into a personal oasis; a resort-like retreat. In the heat of New Jersey summer, when the beaches are packed with tourists stuffed together like sardines and baking to a crisp in the garish light, a house with crystal clear blue waters of a swimming pool is a literal godsend. 

So next time you kick off your sandals to race-walk across miles of scorching hot sandy beaches, while children throw sand and a group of obnoxious teenagers blasts their cacophony of new age “music” as you try to relax and unwind on your only day to catch a sun tan keep in mind that the team at Y.E.S. are always here to provide the ultimate backyard swimming space. Time to hit play on your backyard getaway, tune in to your health and escape the hassle of high tide with a pool this season!

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