Be Cool, Winterize Your Pool

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We know you don't want to think about it yet, but you should. It is that time of year again. Sunny summer days are slowly slipping into September and YES is here with tips from the pros on how to properly winterize your pool this season. 


The first step for a successful closing is to remove all pool accessories and deep clean your pool. Take your time, do it properly, and give it the attention it deserves after a summer full of fun! We always recommend you skim, vacuum, then brush your pool for the most efficient cleaning process and don’t forget to remove any leaves, insects or other debris. After you’ve efficiently cleaned the pool it is a good idea to balance the water. If you don’t have an at-home test kit, fill an empty water bottle and bring a sample to your local pool store. They will be able to tell you exactly what chemicals to add to maintain the correct levels. Properly balanced water protects your pool and equipment from corrosion throughout the winter. Be sure to shock and chlorinate your pool as well to kill any bacteria that might linger after the temperature drops. 


Take a walk around the pool and remove any pool equipment- skimmer baskets, wall fittings, hoses, cleaners, pool ladders, and rails should all be taken out the pool before you put the cover on. Clean them and store them in a dry space for the winter. P.S. If you haven't already, now is a great time to put away your outdoor furniture as well! Make sure to blow out all the plumbing lines so they are clear of any water and drain the pool pump. Clean and backwash your filter.


Now, if you have a concrete/gunite pool you are going to need to lower the water level. Nothing too drastic but you want the water level to the bottom of the tile line or skimmer (whichever is lower). If you have a fiberglass, vinyl liner or above-ground pool we do not recommend lowering the water level. For in-ground fiberglass or vinyl liner pools we recommend getting an automatic cover pump to maintain the water level throughout the winter. Lowering the level in a vinyl liner pool can cause damage to the liner itself and if you do not use a cover pump it is possible you will experience cracking or sinking along the concrete or pavers surrounding the pool. 


If you have an above-ground pool you are going to want to use an Aquador to cover the skimmer opening. This is a crucial step in winterizing your pool and protects the skimmer from water getting in there, freezing, expanding and cracking the skimmer or causing damage. For all pools with hard piping (all in-ground pools, some above-ground pools) you will also need to purchase a gizmo. A gizmo is a long tubular object which absorbs any expansion caused by freezing water. 


After completing these steps, securely attach your winter cover. You want to make sure your cover has no rips or tears, and is not too worn in. Keep in mind, the better shape your pool cover is, the better job it can do to keep your pool safe from winter debris or rainwater. It is also important to make sure you maintain your cover throughout the winter. Be sure to consistently remove any debris or fallen leaves so you can have a clean canvas when you remove the cover come next season!


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